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Motive of Gitkémon

Gitkémon's idea is based on my old toy project Handpokemon, a simple Pokémon web game. I've found many Pokémon fans like to draw fan arts by themselves, and also have enthusiasm to collect them.

Why should I play Gitkémon?

There are tons of open source projects(or private projects) in, and millions of contributions are made everyday by contributors(mostly self motivated). That's the way the developer's ecosystem grows up. However, are there any paybacks for the contributions? I've been developing this project to answer this question (even if it's not the right answer). In the Gitkémon, you can get Pokémons as rewards for Github contributions.

How can I get payback for Github contributions?

  • You should have Github contributions to get rewards. Make sure to check Include private contributions on my profile in your Github profile settings.

  • Sign in with your Github account, and click the Bell icon on the right of the top. If you have contributions, you can see a red badge on it. Then you'll navigate to Check-in page. (We call the action to get payback for contributions Check-in.)

  • You can get Pokéballs as payback for your contributions like below. At first time, you can get special payback for past 1 year's contributions! (So generous!)😇

Payback rules

You'll get Pokéballs that is used to get Pokémons as payback for your Github contributions. Check-in is available whenever you want, if you have available contributions not paid back. Belows are the rule of payback.

  • a Basic Pokéball for each contributions
  • a Half Rare Pokéball for every 3 contributions
  • a Rare Pokéball for every 20 contributions
  • an Elite Pokéball for every 200 contributions
  • a Legend Pokéball for every 500 contributions
  • a Rare Pokéball for 3 days in a row check-in
  • an Elite Pokéball for 15 days in a row check-in
  • a Legend Pokéball for 30 days in a row check-in

The day of check-in is based GMT.

Pokémon hunting

If you have Pokéballs, you are ready for Pokemon hunt! You can see Pokémon Hunt menu on the sidebar.
Before hunting Pokémon, you need to know about tiers of Pokémon.

Pokémon tiers

There're 7 tiers of Pokémon, by difficulty to hunt and rarity.

  • Basic: Can be caught by Basic Pokéball and Half Rare Pokéball, pretty common in the Pokémon world.
  • Special: Basic Pokemons evolve to Special Pokemons.
  • Rare: Can be caught by Half Rare Pokeball and Rare Pokeball, less common in the Pokémon world.
  • S.Rare: Rare Pokemons evolve to S.Rare Pokémons.
  • Elite: Can be caught by Elite Pokeball, difficult to catch cause they are powerful.
  • Legend: Can be caught by Legend Pokeball, most powerful and rarely appears.
  • Myth: Can be caught by Basic Pokeball, but extremely rarely appears.

You can get random Pokemons following above rules as you throw Pokeballs. Like other GOTCHA games, every pokemons are different from each others even if they are the same species. They can be different shape(illustration), have different stats. You can judge the pokemon's ability based on potential badge which is ranged from SS to F. It's very hard to get SS potential Pokemon, I'm sure you're lucky if you get A potential or above like below.

Evolve Pokémons

Many of Pokemons can evolve. You can see a marked level badge on evolvable Pokemon card like below.

If you see detail, you can find Evolve button under the painting.

After click Evolve button, just grab the card and shake it! You can see evolving Pokemon!🪄

Be sure the Pokemon's level down as required level, and if its level is just the required level, the Pokemon disappears.

Blend Pokémons

If you like to gamble, you'll like to blend Pokemons. Because it's the way to get higher tier Pokemons with risk taking.
Just prepare 2 same tier Pokemons you don't have any emotional bonding. I mean Pokemons you don't care to down their level, or disappear. Because blending requires sacrifice as 1 of their level. If their level are just 1, they disappear.
In my case, I chose Koffing.

You can find Blend button under the painting. After click, you can select partner Pokemon. I selected Ekans.
Like you did in evolution, grab and shake the cards!

Then you can get a new Pokemon! I was failed to get a higher tier Pokemon unfortunately, but you can get a higher tier Pokemon at a pretty good chance following below rules.

Blending formula

  • Basic + Basic or Special + Special = Basic or Rare
  • Rare + Rare or S.Rare + S.Rare = Basic or Rare or Elite
  • Elite + Elite = Elite or Legend
  • Legend + Legend = Legend or Myth
  • Myth + Myth = Myth (I think this is abnormal)
  • And some special combination formulas between the Pokemons (discover it!🔎)

Blending Pokemons is like a double-edged sword. You can raise collection point if you blend strategically. On the other hand, it can ruin your life in Gitkémon!💣 I hope you to be wise.

It's all you should know about Gitkémon! If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment.

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